The Way to Attracting New Patients
is Through Their Mailboxes!

In order to grow, every dental practice needs to consistently attract quality new patients, the kind that seek regular treatments and want beautiful smiles. The fact is most of them live in your neighborhood. Since 1997, we've been pinpointing these potential loyal patients and dangling just "the right carrot" to make them pick up the phone. Our clients can attest their phones ring quite regularly.

Stand out and deliver.

Dental Marketing
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We've developed powerful and innovative marketing tools for effectively canvassing your community. Our exclusive direct mailings offer unique designs and targeted messaging that attracts, persuades and delivers for tangible results. There's much potential in your neighborhood. With our help, you can extract it.

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Dental Marketing Tools
for Neighborhood Mailings
Smart Touch Mail

Want to stand out from the competition? We've taken the regular dental post card and turned it up 10 notches. Our new direct mail cards, designed to attract new patients from your neighborhood, include variable image technology. With this technology direct mail response rates can soar up to 500% over traditional post cards.
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Click here to see our Dental Practice Building Cards

Whether you do a random one time mailing, or frequently planned mailings for the entire year, we take care of all the details from creation to distribution so that you can target the areas surrounding your practice in a timely manner. 100% customizable, practice building post cards will keep your dental practice top-of-mind with potential new patients.
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Click here to see our Neighborhood Newsletter

Neighborhood Dental Newsletters are a fantastic way to attract, inform and encourage patients to visit your dental office. Get the exposure you need with our stunning and uniquely designed dental newsletters that will stand out in the mail.
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