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Here Are 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love THE PRACTICE MARKETERS

Your Goals Are Our #1 Priority!

We understand that every Dentist's goals are unique. Over the last 17+ years we have found the number one common goal that Dentists tell us is “they want more New Patients.”

This is a fantastic goal to have. However, we have found this to be a knee-jerk reaction to the question - “What is your number one goal?” We ultimately discover there's deeper-routed goals involved that are more important such as:

  • Spending less time working and spending more time with family.
  • Taking longer and more elaborate vacations.
  • Being financially free for early retirement. • Opening up that second dental office you've always wanted.
  • Hiring that associate sooner rather than later.
  • Making your practice more attractive to potential buyers for when you're ready to sell.

You'll Stand Out In The Mailbox!

It's a fact, when your marketing stands out, your response and results are typically higher. Just check out all of our marketing tools and services. They look different than anything you have ever seen - right? This is by design, not by accident.

With the increase in competition and the bombardment of advertising messages these days it's getting harder and harder to make your practice stand out. Wouldn't you agree?

You have to be different, unique and excite your patient or prospect and captivate them by getting your message noticed. Achieving all of these things is the main goal of ours at The Practice Marketers. It's why we test all of our unique ideas before we ever bring them to market.

Here's a great example, at The Practice Marketers you'll never find a single, “run-of-the-mill, boring rectangular postcard” that you'll find at all of the “Template Postcard Warehouses”. Anyone can do that. We use unique shapes, themes, design elements, sizes and captivating copy to make you stand out so that your marketing works every time.

You Get To Focus On Being A Great Dentist!

You'll be happy to know that all of our Dental Marketing services are completely done-for-you. Everything from determining your target area to creating your design to delivering your campaign to the post office, you're truly in the hands of a trusted experienced Dental Marketing Direct Mail Specialists!

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

"...amazed at the response."

-Dr. Tzvi Rubinger

"...our office patient base is now 600 active patients!"

-– Discover Dental

" patient count increased by over 40% the first month..."

-Dr. Winter & Dr. Park's Office

“Both Receptionists Want to Unplug The Phones… On Average 8-10 NEW Families Booking a Day!…”

– Copperfield Dental Center


– Dr. A. Gill

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